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How do I care for my painted furniture?

To clean you can wipe very lightly with a damp/dry microfibre cloth.

If there is a stubborn mark it can often be removed using a small amount of clear wax, this acts as an cleaner.  If you are going to use a mild surface cleaner always try it out in an inconspicuous area first and only do a small patch.  Apply with a cloth.

Avoid using aerosol spray polishes as they may contain solvents or silicone which could dissolve wax.

Regular cleaning will require the piece of furniture to be re-waxed over time so as to help preserve the paint work.

How long before wax cures?

Curing time can take up to one month after wax application.  The period is not exactly definable as it is dependant on the amient temperature.

When wax is applied it is soft and over time it will harden due to the solvents in the wax evaporating.